Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Nap Time

What do you do with your time while your kid(s) are napping? This is a question I always ask my friends because I'm always curious to know how other mamas spend their free hour or two during the day.
Campbell and Bennett both take afternoon naps at the same time every day. Actually, Campbell is starting to transition to no nap but I still offer it to him. Today he fell asleep but all last week he didn't. I don't think he's 100% dropped his nap yet but he's definitely headed in that direction. A lot of seasoned mamas highly encouraged me to continue to offer him "quiet time" and I think that's a great idea so I plan to do that for a while. I think he needs that quiet, alone time and lets face it, so do I!
I never really do the same thing every day during nap time. Sometimes I pick up my house, sometimes I lay on my bed and relax. Occasionally I start getting dinner prepped. One thing I have noticed that I almost always do is turn the TV off. I always, always have. I guess I just need that peace and quiet.
Scott works from home so occasionally I can pop out of the house to run an errand. It's sooooo nice that I'm able to do that and I know I'm lucky. I always make it a quick errand so Scott's work doesn't get disrupted in case the boys wake up but it's so nice and helpful.
When Campbell was a baby and taking two naps, I almost always crawled back in bed and took a nap during his first morning nap. It was so wonderful and I had zero shame in that. I miss it! Haha!!
So what do you do? Netflix? Clean or cook? Take a nap too? Share in the comments! Maybe you're doing something brilliant that I need to do too!!

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  1. With my first I always always napped when he did. I needed it badly and never had shame in it. With my second one it was so much harder. I usually got dinner prepped or played with the older one. I remember mopping floors at 11:00 at night when everyone else was in bed. It was easier then. Now I barely get my house cleaned with working full time or the kids are asked to help clean. Life just gets busier the older they get.