Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sunny Days

Today was my mothers day out and I had a lot to do! I decided to go on ahead and start doing a tiny bit of party planning for Campbell's birthday which is almost exactly a month away. I can't believe he will be three!! Campbell is really excited about his party and I'm letting him help me plan it! I asked him if he wanted a cake or cupcakes and he said a cake. Then I asked him if he wanted it to be one layer or two and he said "THREE!!" Haha!! I've gotta say, I very much enjoy spending time on Pinterest looking at cakes. I have a whole board devoted to cakes of all sorts and I just think it's so much fun. I wish I was talented enough to make them myself.
We have spent all of our time outside this week because the weather has been so wonderful. It's about to get chilly again unfortunately but not as cold as our typical February weather is. I'm hoping spring will be here to stay really soon. My forsythia and daffodils are blooming and my tulips aren't too far behind. I'm ready for the grass to turn green and leaves to fill the trees. I can't wait to plant some flowers and make my back porch look fun and summery!!
These girls are probably loving this weather more than anyone. They love to go in the backyard and bark at their boyfriends next door.
TGIF tomorrow!!

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