Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bennett | Twelve Months Old

Weight: We weighed him on a baby scale a few days ago and it said 18.5 pounds.

Height: 28 inches tall
Sleep: Bennett goes to bed at 7:30 and I'm not real certain what time he wakes up because he just lays there so quietly. I set my alarm for 7:15 and he's usually awake but sometimes he's slept until 7:30 or later. I'm thinking he's in a big growth spurt! He also takes two naps a day at 9:00 then again around 2:00/2:30 and he sleeps for 1.5-2 hours.

Eat: I am still nursing Bennett! Made it to the one year mark, woo hoo! I started dropping feedings this month and now I'm down to just nursing him first thing in the morning. I'm not real certain when I'll stop. At first I thought I would sometime this week, then I decided Mothers Day on Sunday would be a nice final day and now I just don't know. I don't predict I'll go too much longer though. I'm ready to be done honestly. Bennett loves his breakfast, lunch and dinner and I've also introduced whole milk to him and he loves it!
Clothes: Size 6-12 month clothes and 9 month jon jon's. Last night I switched his Kickee Pants over to size 12-18 month. He wears size 1 Freshly Picked Moccs and size 0 Sun San's. He sleeps in a size medium sleep sack.

Diapers: Last week we moved up to size 4 Pampers. He also wears size 4 Pampers Baby Dry at night.
Likes: Bath time, his paci, playing with his toys, his big brother, laying in his crib, dancing to music, smiling.

Dislikes: We've been going on a lot of walks now that the weather is nice and Bennett cries if the sun is in his eyes. I have the shade down on the stroller but he still doesn't like it which can be stressful when you have a long street to walk down before you can turn and get out of the sun!!
Milestones: Bennett finally popped out his first two teeth this month! Shockingly enough, he is still not crawling!! He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth and will even move his arms about 3-4 times before he just plops on his belly and decides he can get there easier if he just rolls to his destination. If I were a first time mom I would probably be super worried that he wasn't crawling but as a second time mom....all the praise hands! Ha!! I'm hoping he's just going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. He can almost stand up all on his own and literally hardly holds onto anything when he's standing. He's just not brave enough to let go! Bennett seems to be focused on mastering his verbal skills and I am very impressed at how well the sounds he makes are. He says "Mmmmmm" when he really likes the taste of something and I think it's super cute!

Month Twelve: Bennett is starting to move everywhere and get into everything. He may not be crawling but he can certainly get anywhere he wants to be! He is beginning to imitate our sounds really well and moving beyond just babbles. If Campbell is eating something, Bennett looks at him for a second then lets out a yell to let us know he needs exactly what Campbell has. Because of this, our grocery bill has gone up significantly!! So many applesauce and yogurt pouches in my life.
All About Bennett: Wow. I cannot believe Bennett is one year old. This has seriously been the fastest year of my life. I have been reminiscing all day about what was happening a year ago and it's made me so nostalgic. This has been the most amazing year for our family. Bennett has been so precious and I will look back on his first year of life with nothing but sweet, sweet memories. He never gave me a hard time. Such a sweetheart. I can officially say that he was the easiest baby ever!! He liked being held a lot but otherwise, I have zero complaints. He was the fastest nurser--10 minutes max as a newborn and by the end, two minutes tops. He was sleeping 12 straight hours by 14 weeks of age, he never fussed even when it was past his feeding time and I know he had to be hungry. He loved everyone who cared for him, never crying at drop off for church or mothers day out. He just spent his days chillin and smiling at anyone who looked his way. Seriously, how could this baby be any easier? Thank you Jesus!!!! Bennett is my sweet little love bug and I cannot wait to watch him grow and learn. Happy Birthday Bennett! We love you more than you will ever know!


  1. My first son didn't start crawling until 12 months or walking until he was 17 months. I will say that whatever physical milestone he seemed delayed in, je pucked it up quickly once he started. His verbal skills are way more developed than his physical skills, but I think we all are prone to one way ir the other as our strength.

    1. Yes my pediatrician says babies tend to focus all of their energy on perfecting a certain skill. For Campbell it was his fine motor skills and I think Bennett's will be his verbal skills! :)