Saturday, May 20, 2017

First Day vs Last Day

In keeping with the theme of yesterdays post, I just thought I'd share a little First Day of School vs Last Day of School photos of both of my boys.
Wow, kids sure do change so much in just a few months don't they? I honestly didn't think Campbell's first and last photo would be that different but he looks like a baby in the first photo and not so much a baby in the second one. Bennett has obviously changed a ton which I expected, of course. His backpack is no longer bigger than he is!! Photo comparisons like this make me realize how fleeting time is. It gets said all the time so it's like "yeah yeah" but it really does go by so fast and they really do grow up way too quickly. Sometimes I just want to erupt into tears and tell time to slow down but on the flip side, I love watching my kids grow and change. It's amazing to watch these little people get bigger and wiser right before my eyes. I just wanted to share the comparisons and also just have it for my records since my blog is my diary. They both look so big in their last day of school photos but by this time next year, I'll be talking about how they looked like such babies. Hold me. 


  1. Wow, they did change so much! So darn cute!

    1. I know it! They change so much in just a few short months when they're little.