Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! We've had a great weekend. We drove to Little Rock to spend the weekend with my family and we are so glad we did. We had a wonderful time and so did the boys. We got to Little Rock Friday afternoon and we are currently driving back home.
We spent much of our weekend swimming in my parents pool. Campbell loves it and Bennett went for his first swim and he thought it was pretty fantastic! Campbell had so much fun playing with his cousin, Avery, and he has gone ninety to nothing since he arrived. He is SO exhausted but has refused to slow down. I predict he will sleep 24 straight hours once we get home. Ha!! Bennett has also had such a fun time. He has been so busy crawling around and exploring all of the fun new things at his Pops and Gamma's house. It's good for everyone to get away for a weekend and have a change of scenery.
We really didn't get out much. It was nice to just lay around and chill. Scott and I did manage to squeeze in a date night last night so that was nice! Overall we had a wonderful weekend! The boys has such a great time and it was nice for us to get away for the weekend. Lots of fun memories created.
I'm thankful for a weekend spent how I wish because of our brave soldiers who fought for my freedom to do so. Remembering them on this special day.

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