Thursday, May 11, 2017


What. A. Day. Guess who's sick?! BOTH of my boys. Ugh. Y'all. I reached a whole new level of motherhood today. Both of my boys got sick in the car!!! What is happening? Campbell hasn't gotten sick like this since he was 10 months old and it was just totally freaking him out. He wouldn't stop doing this screaming cry thing. And then there's Bennett. He would puke, get upset for a second, then grin real big and dance when music came on. I sent Scott to the store to get the essentials in case we're all completely sick and useless tomorrow. I can totally feel it coming on and I'm hoping that since I said that out loud, I won't get sick. I've been drinking grape juice in the hopes that the whole 'if your kids are sick drink grape juice and you won't get sick' theory works. Fingers crossed. Seriously. I cannot be sick while trying to take care of sick kids. It's THE WORST THING EVER.
I had to share this photo I took of Bennett on his birthday before he had breakfast because I just love it soooo much!!! I have a feeling he's going to be waking me up in the wee hours of the morning due to hunger. Poor thing. I can tell my milk supply is dwindling down too so I have no clue what to do for him. Will my milk satisfy him enough to be able to just nurse him for a minute then lay him back in his crib to go to sleep? I seriously have no clue. Maybe he'll sleep until morning but my gut tells me that's not going to happen. He's bound to be a hungry little guy.
I love this photo of Campbell. I snapped it when we were outside playing with bubbles the other night. Campbell LOVES bubbles!! I'm hoping this little guy sleeps all night too. He was doing much better right before bed so here's hoping. I can't believe both of my kids are sick at the same time. How did this happen? I figure I better get to bed soon in preparation for a long night ahead of me. Fingers crossed we all get some rest.

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