Monday, May 1, 2017

Rain Day

Happy May! We survived the most rain in one weekend I've ever seen. The news had warned us that our area was going to get a ton of rain. They kept saying it over and over, almost like they do when they're warning/preparing you for a snow day. So I went to the store on Friday to stock up on junk food and snacks because what else are you supposed to do when you're stuck at home all weekend? I was so glad I was prepared with the good eats because the weather man was not joking about the rain. We just kept looking out of our windows in shock at how much water was accumulating. So anyways....all that to say, we did nothing all weekend because we were stuck inside staying dry.
Campbell got to make brownies and he did such a good job! It's not his first time to help me bake some goodies but this was the first time that he did a great job of stirring without half of the batter spilling out and he didn't stick his fingers in it or lick the spoon! Such a win! Hahaha!! And the brownies ended up tasting super yummy. They lasted just a little over 24 hours. Whoops!
We are having Bennett's birthday party this Saturday. I can't even believe it. I am spending my evenings trying to get prepared for it so hopefully my blogging doesn't slack this week because of it. What's taking up the most time is catching up on filling out Bennett's baby book. I got to about month three then stopped up until a week ago. Oops! I like to have the baby book sitting out for people to flip through at the party. And even though I know probably not one single person will flip through it, it gives me incentive to get it done and finished. I do a little bit each night and now I'm trying to gather up photos to send off to be printed so I can put them in the book. It is super time consuming!!! I like doing it though. My mom put a lot of time and effort into filling out my baby book and it's such a treasure to have. I hope my boys appreciate all of the time and effort I put into their books. It is definitely a lot of work! And my hand is so tired from all of the writing....

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