Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Catching Up

Hey all! How about a little life update post? I feel like I haven't done one of those in a while. Maybe because there isn't much to update. Ha! The boys are off from Mothers Day Out for another two weeks (not that I'm counting or anything) and we are just trying to keep ourselves entertained at home until we get back into our normal routine. We've been to our neighborhood pool a few times which is fun. The water is cold though so Campbell doesn't get in which makes him a little bored. The other day he crawled under one of the umbrella tables and watched Paw Patrol on my phone. Amazingly, Bennett just sits there playing with toys so I'm able to actually lay in a chair and chill. It's wonderful and every time I go I keep wondering when he's going to start crawling all over the place and make my leisurely pool experience non existent.
Today I was driving home with the boys after picking the girls up from their grooming appointment. Campbell suddenly started freaking out telling me he had to go pee pee. This is one of those moments where you weigh all of the options quickly in your mind. There wasn't a restroom close plus I had the dogs and it's too hot to leave them in the car. Should you tell him to just go in his car seat? No....bad idea. Ask him to hold it? He can't. So what do you do? Pull into the nearest parking lot and pray nobody can see or tell what you're doing. Today I'm thankful for antibacterial wet wipes.
On a completely different note, last night I did some mock interviews for some girls competing in Miss Arkansas and Miss Teen Arkansas this summer. I always enjoy mock interviews and judging pageants and I think it's a lot of fun but what was really nice was that I got to just get out of the house and be Kara for a little bit instead of mom. I had a moment yesterday where I realized I really don't do that often enough and I probably should so I don't go crazy. When I got home, my husband felt the need to tell me how challenging it was to get the boys fed, bathed and in bed by himself. It was really interesting and informative since I've never had to do that before. #PreachinToTheChoir

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