Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Easy Meals Part Two

Y'all loved my post about quick and easy dinners I wrote a few weeks ago so I thought I would write another one just to give you a few more ideas. Like the previous post, these meals are super simple to make and some of our favorites here in the Johnson house. Simply click the links under the photos for the recipes.

Anything in a slow cooker automatically makes dinner easy. This dish is fantastic. It has so much flavor and everyone in my family enjoys it. The recipe says to brown your chicken on the stove for a few minutes but I skip that step. I just put it directly in the crock pot and cook it a little longer than the recipe calls for. Like I said, I'm all about easy and don't want to do the extra step of cooking it on the stove then having an extra dish to clean. But if you don't mind doing that part then go for it!
I said last time that I love sheet pan dinners and this one is yummy because I also really love ranch. A frozen bag of broccoli that you can throw in the microwave is the perfect veggie to add on the side of this meal. Campbell will actually eat broccoli as long as we tell him they're mini trees. Whatever works!
This meal is heaven. I said last time how much I love Euna Maes (do y'all follow her on IG?). She is my pastors wife and is coming out with a cookbook soon. There isn't one meal of hers I've made that wasn't absolutely delicious. This pasta is so yummy and super easy to make but it makes a ton of food so you would have plenty for leftovers the next night if you wanted.
Zatarain's Red Beans And Rice
This meal really doesn't get easier. I didn't add a link because all you need to do is go to the store and grab a box of Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice. I cook it in chicken broth to give it more flavor. If I'm feeling really ambitious I'll slice then cook andouille sausage to add in with it but I normally just get a rotisserie chicken and throw in some chicken with the red beans and rice. Top with a little Tony Cachere's seasoning and you have a supper yummy, super easy dinner! We love this meal.
I love BBQ and this recipe is so easy. I usually just grab some cole slaw from the store and open up a can of BBQ beans to go on the side. The easy trick to making canned BBQ beans taste good is to drain them completely, put them on a pot on the stove then mix in your favorite BBQ sauce. Sprinkle in about two tablespoons of brown sugar and you've got some yummy beans. I usually do a side of mac and cheese for the boys whenever we do BBQ. Not exactly the healthiest meal but it's Friday so who cares?

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