Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I'm putting Wordless Wednesday on hold this week so I can talk about something really fun instead. I recently tried LipSense lipstick and wanted to let you guys know how awesome it is! If you haven't heard of it before, LipSense is the original longest lasting lip color. It's unlike any lipstick or stain you have ever used. It's waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off or rub off. The first time I used it, I put it on before church one Sunday and my lips still looked just as good as they did when I first applied it, even after I had lunch. It comes in a variety of colors and you can even mix them to make your own personal color.
I tend to gravitate towards pink lips and the color I have on here is Aussie Rose. It's a best seller and I can see why. It's the perfect shade of pink if you ask me! I always feel so much more put together when I have my lipstick on and the fact that LipSense doesn't disappear from my lips shortly after applying it is such a win!! You can kiss your babies all you want while still maintaining beautiful, glossy lips and you don't have to worry about getting anything on their sweet cheeks! Or when they climb all over you, you don't have to worry about getting lipstick on their clothes which has happened to my boys way more times than I care to admit. This really is such a great product. It seriously amazes me that I can wear lipstick and kiss my kids and it doesn't come off. Like, not even a little bit!!
Okay so how can you get your hands on this amazing stuff? Well, let me tell you! All you have to do is click HERE or Follow @corlescolorpop on Instagram and Heather can tell you everything you need to know! Also, if you tell her I sent you, you can get 15% off your order!! You won't regret getting your hands on this beautiful, long lasting lipstick.

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