Monday, August 21, 2017

Back To School

Today was the boys first day back to school! I always love the start of a new school year and I have been praying that this will be a wonderful year for both of my boys. Today was an exciting day for us and we are all exhausted because of it. We got our year off to a good start though and I'm looking forward to seeing what the year will bring for us.
Before we left for school I had about 10 minutes to snap some pics of the boys on our front porch. I love back to school photos. I always enjoy the photos everyone shares. They're such a keepsake and it's so fun to compare first day vs last day. I know Bennett will look so much different in his last day of school photos from these we took today.
Bennett had a great first day! He seemed excited to be there and was ready for me to put him down so he could get busy with all of the fun toys. His napping got a little thrown off today so he was really tired and fussy towards the end of the day but overall I'd consider today a success for him. He has two other little boys in his class and his teachers are so sweet. He ate everything in his lunchbox except for a few leftover strawberries and his teachers said he was such a sweet baby.
I dropped off Bennett first then Campbell and I headed towards the preschool building to get him situated. The preschool building and the toddler building are very far apart. I keep wondering if there's some kind of secret quick way to get between the two buildings that I don't know about. I'm definitely going to be getting a mini exercise in during drop off that's for sure!
Campbell knew today was a big day for him and that this was going to be different than the previous years. He seemed very excited. He was super cooperative for photos which he typically only does when he's excited about what we're doing. We got to his building, I took a picture of him in front of the preschool sign, then we walked in, ready to take on a new year! He spotted his teacher and got a big smile on his face and that made my heart happy. I knew when I saw that, that all would be good. He walked into his classroom without even bothering to tell me bye.
When I picked him up he was happy, said he missed me, then proceeded to tell me all about his day. He did all kinds of fun crafts. One was a special "my first day of preschool" craft that I'll keep forever and another was his name that he had traced. I thought he did a great job of tracing his name and I know he's going to learn so much this year and have so much fun! I'm excited to see what the year will bring for him!

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