Friday, August 4, 2017


Here's just a few shots of my Boo that I wanted to share on here. I took them a while ago but somehow managed to forget to share them here. These were taken after Mothers Day Out one day. Our church has the most beautiful grounds and landscaping and it makes for the prettiest photos. If it's ever cloudy whenever it's time to pick the boys up from school, I like to take my camera so I can snap a few photos with the beautiful flowers. I say I only do it when it's cloudy because if it's not, the sun is too harsh and it creates shadows which is my photography pet peeve. I only like to shoot outdoors during "the golden hour" (the first hour of light after sunrise or the last hour of light before sunset) or if it's cloudy. Anywho, this day was cloudy, hence the chance to take photos of this boy in the afternoon.

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