Friday, September 22, 2017

Falling For Fall

Hello Fall! It's officially fall but here in Arkansas it's still hot out. I think it's going to change soon though and by mid-October we're usually getting to experience fall in all its glory. The trees here are in the beginning stages of changing colors and I'm getting all the warm fuzzies. I'm ready to turn on my fireplace, pick out pumpkins, and wear my cozy cardigans! Also, I really want to take advantage of the beauty of fall and take a lot of photos. I always say it and I never do. I know I take a lot of photos already but I want to seek out locations, inconvenient locations even, and shoot the gorgeous fall landscape. I always see a beautiful spot and tell Scott I want to shoot photos in front of it and I never do but this year I am. Maybe one weekend Scott would be up for driving around Northwest Arkansas with me (the best fall foliage is about an hour northeast of here) to shoot all the gorgeous autumn locations. I told my Dad I wanted to do that (my Dad is also a photographer and takes amazing landscape portraits) and he said "Let's go! Let's do it together." Yes!! I think it will be so fun. Stay tuned!
Via AY Magazine--Harrison, Arkansas
I'm having a fall cleanout tomorrow in the form of a garage sale. Our neighborhood has one every spring and fall and I almost always participate because I love to get rid of clutter. I'm especially wanting to purge with this one since we're moving in the spring and I want to get rid of as much stuff as possible. I actually started cleaning out and pricing stuff a few weeks ago. It's all sitting in big tubs in my attic waiting to be sold. I still have some stuff to go through though so I'm sure I'll be up until midnight tonight trying to get it all ready. I love having garage sales. I price things too cheap probably but I just want to get rid of it. Whatever I have leftover I always donate.
That's about all we have going on with our weekend. It may not sound exciting to some people but since I love having a garage sale I'm looking forward to it. Ha! Y'all enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here next week!

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