Thursday, September 7, 2017

Freshly Picked Sale

Have you guys heard? Freshly Picked is having a 25% off sale going on right now! You know how much I love Freshly Picked so this sale has me all excited!!
Bennett in Weathered Brown
These seriously are the best shoes. Campbell just grew out of them about a month ago. It's really sad for me. He LOVED his moccs and I loved him in them. They were the first shoe he ever owned and it's basically all he's worn his entire life. Thankfully Bennett has plenty of years left in them and Campbell's have held up so well that Bennett can wear all of Campbell's old moccs.
Campbell in Born in the USA
Bennett actually just moved into a size three mocc this week. I have a big bin where I've kept all of Campbell's moccs so I dug through it to find the size three's, perfectly preserved in the little bag they came in, looking good as new. I love going through them and seeing which colors we have.....and which colors we need!
Campbell in Pacific Blue
I have gotten Bennett some new moccs because there were some colors that weren't around when Campbell was his age. Slate, Golden Flax and Pacific Blue are some newer colors that I've added to our collection! One of my absolute all time favorite moccs I've owned is Born in the USA. It may be my very favorite actually. I've had one for every summer and they are so, so good. I highly encourage you to get a pair of those! Stone Suede is a great mocc for the fall/winter, Beehive State is such an awesome color that goes with everything, and if I had a little girl, I'm fairly certain I'd be purchasing Cardigan for the winter. So sweet!
Campbell and Bennett in Beehive State
Freshly Picked are the best shoes. They're easy to get on, the colors and simplicity of the shoe look sleek and great with clothes, plus they're perfect for new walkers. So many people think once babies start walking that they need a hard sole shoe but actually, it's just the opposite. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends soft soled shoes for early walkers as children learn by gripping their toes on the ground, and they don't need arch support yet. People would ask me a lot as Campbell got older if it bothered him to be in a soft sole shoe but it never, ever did. He preferred his moccs over any shoe he owned and several people would stop me and tell me how good it was that I was keeping my toddler in soft sole shoes for as long as I did. You can read more about the benefits of soft sole shoes HERE.
Bennett in Stone Suede
Head on over to Freshly Picked and pick up some (sale!) moccasins for your little one! These prices are too good to resist. You can thank me later for your obsession.

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