Tuesday, September 19, 2017

House Update

I thought I'd do a little update on our house building process. It's really starting to become fun because every week something new gets done and it all feels so real. We've been talking about this house for SO long now so to actually see it coming together feels good.
Here she is. Home Sweet Home. This week it has really come together and it actually looks like a home instead of a bunch of wood planks. The window are in, they got started on the roof today and by the end of the week they're going to be working on plumbing and electrical. When I walk through the house I just get excited. I can picture it all perfectly and I can't wait to move in!
While the boys are at Mothers Day Out, Scott and I are using that time to select things. On Monday we finally decided on our granite and got a lot of our tile/backsplash chosen. We have to go back on Thursday to finish the rest of the tile. We've picked out our wood floors (actually Scott did, I don't have a big opinion on floors so I just let him choose whatever he wanted). We have our cabinet designs finalized. Our paint colors, brick, stucco, shutters and roof are all picked out. We've spent way too many hours figuring out how we want our outdoor patio space to look (seriously took us forever for some reason) and Scott went through the house yesterday to mark where all of the light switches would go. I mean, there is so much to it. It makes me appreciate my husband's job (aka the insane amount of detail that comes with it) a little bit more. He'll ask me about a certain detail and I'm like "oh....I didn't even realize someone had to choose that. I just thought it got there on it's own I guess!!"
After plumbing and electrical comes insulation then sheet rock. Scott has warned me that it will seem super slow when that's happening because sheet rock takes forever. But after sheet rock comes fun stuff like trim and cabinets and tile so by the holidays it's really going to start coming together and I can't wait to see it!
I'll do another update again but for now, that's where we are! It's all really fun and exciting for us!

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  1. Going to be a beautiful home. So excited for you guys!! Good luck with them lightbulbs LOL! 😂