Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween!! I love this day and I hope the boys have a blast when they go Trick-Or-Treating tonight. I'm already psyching myself up for the fact that Campbell and Bennett are going to want to eat way too much candy and I need to be cool and just let them. It's once a year, have at it kiddos!
This year Campbell is an astronaut and Bennett is a shark! I love their little costumes and neither of them mind wearing them. Campbell really didn't have a preference on his costume this year. I thought he would. I ordered a few different ones and we tried them all on and he still didn't care! Scott elected the astronaut so astronaut it is. Bennett doesn't care, obviously. But I think he's the cutest little shark I've ever seen!
After we trick-or-treat around our neighborhood, we're going to eat our Papa Murphy's jack-o-lantern pizza that we get every year. It's basically as much a part of our Halloween as trick-or-treating is! Haha!!
I can't wait to watch the boys in action tonight. I know Campbell will have the time of his life. I hope Bennett gets the concept and has just as much fun as his big brother will. Even if he doesn't, he'll enjoy being a part of whatever is going on with all the other kids walking around the neighborhood in costumes! Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you enjoy your day and make a lot of fun memories.

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