Thursday, October 26, 2017

Striped Tunic

I'm just a typical mom with a typical wardrobe. I love high fashion but 95% of my wardrobe consists of comfortable stuff. I need to be able to "mom" in my clothes. I'm home picking up messes, cooking meals, or out running errands with two little boys in tow. My wardrobe needs to reflect that. Once upon a time I wore heels almost daily, bought skirts with sequins and blouses that were dry clean only. My wardrobe has shifted a little but just because I want to be comfortable doesn't mean I have to sacrifice my style. I still splurge on fun and dressy items but they're reserved for that rare date night instead of the happy hour I'll probably have after work.
Now when I'm shopping, my eyes tend to notice the cute, comfy styles that I know will work for me in the stage of life I'm in now. Enter this adorable tunic I recently snagged. The cowl neck stood out to me as being cute and different than what I typically go for. Once I tried it on I was sold because it's so comfortable and very flattering. The perfect mom top. High neck, long enough to wear with leggings, and endlessly flattering. Ha!!
Speaking of leggings, that's exactly what I have on here. If you've been around long you know I just don't wear real pants. I mean, why would I when the world is full of leggings? Leggings have an elastic waist band people. What more is there to say? 
I've had my shoes for a few years now but they're still around because that's how good they are. Leopard is a neutral and goes with everything and the wedge heel makes these easy to walk in, even with two littles in tow. My feet don't hurt after a day of wearing these and the height makes me feel like I put a little bit of extra effort into my look vs the lifestyle new balances I typically go for. 

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