Thursday, November 16, 2017

House Update

Scott and I had a fun day today! We dropped the boys off at MDO then headed to Bassett to pick out some furniture. We've had a relationship with Bassett for years now. The head designer works with Scott on some house stuff and she has also decorated our current home for us. She is incredibly talented and I love what she does. So a few months ago, when we had just gotten the home started, we had a meeting with her about our house. I told her that I really, truly don't care to be involved in picking it out at all. I trust her completely and love everything she does so I just wanted her to pick everything out then show it to me. So she's spent a lot of time working on it and today we went down to see what she has come up with! She gave us two different options/styles and we picked between the two. Scott and I both loved option two the best (as did she) so that's the direction we're going in.
We're getting all new living room furniture and these are some of the fabric swatches from what we chose today. The oatmeal fabric will be our new sofa. The grey velvet is our current chairs we have now that we're also using in the new home. The blue and patterned fabrics will be throw pillows and that dark blue on the bottom is our rug. There's three other fabrics that will be added into the mix (Marla likes lots of patterns/fabrics...I do too!) but I forgot to include them in the pic. But you get the idea! I love, love what she pulled and I can envision it perfectly and I love what I’m envisioning. I never would have chosen that on my own which is why I just left it up to Marla. I knew she would do better than me (obviously...she's the professional) and I am so excited about my new furniture!! We were there a long time today and managed to nail down the living room, breakfast area and Scott's office. We ran out of time because I had to pick up the boys so we're going back on Saturday to finalize everything and I'm super excited to see the rest.
Days like today make me so excited to move! I am always perfectly content in the home I'm in now and I never feel anxious to move. I even have days where I'm like "woah this home is coming along super fast....I'm getting emotional now....I can't leave my house yet!!" but today made me super excited to move into our next home. I can't wait to show you all the finished results! I can't wait to see them myself!

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