Monday, November 6, 2017


We had such a fun Saturday. We took the boys to a Razorback tailgate and we picked the perfect game to do it. The campus at the UofA is insanely gorgeous. The trees were red and yellow and orange and so vibrant and beautiful.
We enjoyed our surroundings so much that we just walked around campus for a while. After we showed the boys around campus we decided to go to the Kappa house. They renovated it a few years ago and I went to the grand opening when I was pregnant with Campbell but Scott hasn't seen it since the update and I wanted to show him. The house is amazing and Campbell thought it was neat that I used to live there.
We finally worked out way down Maple Street and found some of friends and tailgated for a bit. Campbell and Bennett had a lot of fun and shortly before the game started we headed back to our car. One of these days we'll take the boys to a game but this stage of the life is just not the time for us.
I almost didn't bring the camera but I'm so glad I did. I wasn't expecting the campus to be so pretty (I don't know why...silly of me to think it wouldn't be gorgeous now that I think about it) but it made for the perfect backdrop for some photos of my little Razorback fans.
I got so many cute photos of the boys but I won't share them all today because it would probably be an overload. I'll share more later in the week though!

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