Monday, November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving Feast

Today was a fun day. Campbell had a Thanksgiving feast at school and Scott and I got to join him. This was our first school party of his to go to so we were looking forward to it! I had been telling Campbell all morning and the whole day before that we were going to come to his school to have lunch with him. He was SO excited and kept talking about how we were coming to his "party."
The teachers note said they would have lunch at 11:40 so that's exactly when I got there. The other moms and dads must have gotten there early because I was the last one there. When I walked in, I immediately saw Campbell in the corner crying and being comforted by his teacher. I instantly knew what was wrong--he thought I wasn't coming. When he saw me he ran to me, crying harder....tears of relief. It absolutely broke my heart! I felt horrible that he thought I skipped out while everyone else's mommy and daddy were there. One long hug later and Campbell got so, so happy. Scott walked in shortly after and we got to sit at his little table and have lunch with him, his friends, and their parents.
After lunch we were able to see the cute Thanksgiving crafts they've been working on. Campbell is thankful for Bennett, Mommy, Daddy and himself. Haha!! He's also "thankful that my parents throw parties for me." That made us giggle. His little class performed two Thanksgiving songs for us and it was such a joy to watch! I felt so sorry for Campbell all day for thinking we weren't coming. His sad little face and his teacher comforting him will forever be etched in my brain!!! He is having another Thanksgiving feast on Thursday. Scott and I have a bunch of house meetings planned and figured since we went on Monday he would be okay if we didn't go on Thursday. Clearly we were mistaken. We can't really miss our meetings so I called Scott's mom and she is coming to the rescue. She's going to have Thanksgiving feast with Campbell on Thursday and I know he'll be so happy to see her there.
I don't think I'll ever forget Campbell's first classroom party. It was so sweet and Scott and I had a great time! And note to self: arrive early from now on.

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