Monday, December 11, 2017


Happy Monday everyone. This is the boys last week of MDO before a month long break so I'm doing my best to get every possible thing done that I can do. It's crazy how when I'm alone running errands I can do things about five times faster than I can when I have two cute boys in tow with me. I told Campbell last night that this would be his last week of school for a long time and he was super bummed about it. He asks me every single day if he can go to school. I'm so glad he loves it!
Another thing he asks to do every single day is go see a movie. Our mother/son date night to see 'The Star' really had an impact on him apparently. I knew he loved it but I didn't realize he loved it that much. Scott took him to go see it again on Friday night because he hasn't stopped asking to go see it again. We hope to take him to see Ferdinand together over the Christmas break. I love that Campbell loves going to the movies because I love it too! I look forward to when Bennett will be able to sit through a movie. I predict lots and lots of trips to the movie theater with the boys in our future.
It was freezing cold here all weekend so we mostly stayed bundled up inside. Season Two of The Crown started on Netflix on Friday so I parked myself in front of the TV and binged over the weekend. I love this show and if you aren't watching it you're missing out! It's about Queen Elizabeth and the royal family and I find it so fascinating. If you're intrigued by the royal family like I am then this show is for you! I'm excited to finish the season but then it will be so long before another one starts so a part of me wants to take it slow. I'm sure I'll finish before the week is up though :)
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