Saturday, December 30, 2017

Favorite Photos 2017

Hey all! I've been taking a much needed blogging/social media break this week. I've been popping into social media here and there but not spending much time on it and it's been a bit refreshing. For me, social media and blogging can sometimes be viewed as a form of "work" so it's basically like I've been on vacation. I know that may seem silly to some of you but a lot of you will get it and know what I mean by it. :) 
All of that to say, I feel like I'm a little behind on some stuff but I wanted to share this little collage I made (in the car on my way home from Christmas in Little Rock). These are most of my favorite photos I took in 2017. It was fun to go through them but hard to pick! Some of these images were no brainers and some I had a hard time narrowing down because I loved others from that same day/shoot equally. But this is what I decided on and I honestly just love this little collage. These images mean so much to me. I remember each moment of taking these photos and hope I always do. That is why I love photography so much. It freezes a moment in time and allows you to remember it forever. 
So these are my favorite photographs I took in 2017. Come back tomorrow for my year in review! 

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