Friday, December 15, 2017

Santa Visit 2017

A week ago today we took the boys to see Santa Claus. Campbell was SO excited to finally go see him. He has cried every year visiting Santa but I knew he wouldn't this year. I wasn't sure what Bennett would do so I was anxious to see his reaction.
Campbell was so excited when we walked in and he kept waving and saying hi to Santa. They wanted to get this photo of the boys before they saw Santa so they snapped this pic then Campbell ran to get in Santa's lap and say hi.
This is Campbell telling Santa about the haircut he got earlier that morning. Haha! I have no idea why he wanted that to be a topic of conversation but that's what he went with. When we left and were getting in the car Scott said "did you like getting to visit with Santa Campbell?" and Campbell said "Yeah. Santa liked my haircut." LOL! I was able to get this part of the visit on video and I love it so much I've watched it at least a dozen times. Campbell was anxious to start talking about his haircut then quickly pointed to Bennett and said to Santa "Look! There's Bendett." Which was Bennett's cue to walk over....
Bennett was super pumped about Santa until I sat him in his lap and then he freaked out. Campbell looks so confused as to why in the world Bennett would be crying. I love the sequence of photos and the look on Campbell's face in each of them. I feel like I can read Campbell's mind in each photo perfectly.
Campbell is thinking 'wait, why is he crying?"
"well this certainly is embarrassing"
"I can't believe my brother is acting like this in front of Santa"
"Bennett ruined this. They're taking our pictures so I'm just going to say cheese because I'm a good boy and I want my presents."

Maybe next year Bennett will be on board. It sure was fun seeing Campbell so excited about Santa! This Santa is so sweet and has been there every year we've gone. Until next time I guess. 

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