Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dining Room Plans

In todays design series I thought I would share our dining room plans. In our current home we have an extended breakfast area off our kitchen. It's a big space so we have always had a formal dining table in there. In our next home we will have a formal dining room and since my dining room table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, it was a no brainer that we would use it in our formal dining room. Plus we got it right before Campbell turned one so there was no need to update. We are keeping everything the exact same except we are adding in a few extra pieces. 
Our table, rug, and window treatments will all be carried over into our new dining space. We will have a big wall in our dining area that will need to be filled so we are just adding in some pieces of our dining room collection which is the Compass collection, by Bassett.
We're going to add the sideboard table and have two of these Etagere's--one on each side of the sideboard. I have loved these etagere's since we first purchased our dining room table but we've never had a space for them so I'm excited that we will be able to add them to our collection now. You can view the Bassett Compass Dining Collection HERE
This isn't a great photo but it's all I've got! We are going to put this art above the sideboard. This art is a set so all of these pieces are meant to be together. I already feel sorry for the person who gets elected to hang them! I call not it.
So there's our dining room! It will never get used but at least it will be pretty! :)

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