Thursday, March 22, 2018

Home Sweet Home

Because I'm super sentimental, I'm sharing photos of this home for the last time. This is our last day in this home. We close on it this afternoon. We have created so many incredible memories here. This was the first home Scott and I purchased. I wanted it sooooo bad and was so excited to get it! We immediately met our neighbors (many, many neighbors!) who instantly became our friends. They are my closest friends today. I had no idea when we moved into this house that I would also make new best friends. That is the best part about this house. Other favorite things: my hydrangeas, the mosaic around my fireplace, tub and stove, sitting on my patio and enjoying my beautiful backyard, the tulips that pop up every spring, my massive attic, the office that I write all of my blogs in, bringing my babies home (all four of them!), introducing Holly to this house shortly before she passed, hosting parties, my babies first everythings, my kitchen sink, my neighborhood pool and the countless memories we've made here. This house was good to us. I will miss it dearly and hold tight to the good things that came along with living here.

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