Thursday, March 1, 2018

Living Room Plans

Doing another design series and talking about our living room today! I've been putting off sharing this room because there's a lot to talk about and it felt overwhelming to me. So I just decided to share our fabrics and keep it simple. This is my favorite room that we're doing. We're getting all new furniture in this room and I'm so excited about everything that was chosen. When talking it through with our designer, I told her that I wanted a cozy space that would be perfect for a young family. I wanted some color and I wanted comfort. Everything else was left up to her! This is what she came up with.
These are some of the fabrics that we're using. We're doing two sofas and four chairs. the oatmeal colored fabric will be for the sofas. The grey velvet was going to be for two of the chairs but we ended up changing the color to a caramel color. Same fabric--different color. We thought the caramel would pop better since it will be next to our grey fireplace. We actually already have these chairs in our current living room (HERE) but they will be moved into our bedroom. So basically we're going to have four of these chairs in our home in two different colors. We obviously like these chairs! The other fabrics are pillows. Under the fabrics is a swatch of the rug we're doing. It's a really beautiful shade of blue and I really like it a lot. 
This may be my favorite new piece of furniture. These are going to be the other two chairs in our living room. The buffalo check fabric is so fun and I absolutely love it. I feel like it has a nice, young vibe and according to my decorator buffalo check is THE hottest look right now so there you go. Whatever the pros say. We chose this fun pop of yellow for a pillow and I love the fringe detail. I'm not sure what I love more though, the fabrics or the chair that will hold them.
This is the "Pippa" chair from Bassett and I'm in love. The back of these chairs will be what you see when you walk through our front door and look into our living room. These chairs + the buffalo check and fun pillow? Yes please! I can't wait to see it all come together. I loooove that Marla chose this for us. 
The blue fabric is going to be used for two ottomans that we'll keep under the sofa table. We can pull them out into the living room if we need more seating. You know, for all those parties we host. The floral fabric is going to be used for a lot of the pillows throughout the living room.

So there you go! Our living room. Well, the fabrics anyway. After we picked it all out and I hopped in my car to head home, I was just so happy. It's everything I wanted and more. I honestly didn't even know what I wanted my living room to look like but I trusted that Marla would pull it all together beautifully for us and she did! She is so talented. Can't wait to show you all the final look!

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