Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I haven't talked much about Monat on here but I wanted to write a quick post and share about the results I've seen in the 5 weeks since I've been using these products. I love this haircare line so, so much. I've never used a hair product that actually made a difference in my hair. I've used skincare products that performed and make up that I could tell was better than others but I've never used a haircare line that I thought was just exceedingly better than anything else. Over the years I have frequently been asked by people what shampoo's I would recommend or what hair products I recommend and I would always give them several different brand recommendations because there never was one that just seemed better than others. They're all about the same.
Until I found Monat. It is incredibly different and a million times better than any other product line on the market today. The company had a big sale over the weekend and sold 15 million dollars worth of products. In one weekend. Proof that people love these product and these products perform. Monat is projected to do a billion dollars this year. A billion!!! The company would not have this kind of growth if their products didn't do what they claim to do. Plain and simple. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee (just 30 days....think about that) and their return rate is .06%.
Since I've been selling I've been getting texts from everyone who has used the products saying how much they love them, that they could tell a difference in their hair after the first use, and they can't believe how good their hair looks. I was the same way! I took a pic the first time I used Monat to send to the person who gave me some samples to try because I was so impressed with how my hair looked after the first wash and I wanted her to see it!
Fast forward five weeks. I have been noticing in the last week or so how long my hair seemed to be. So I took a selfie on the way to church on Sunday and compared the two photos and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!
My hair has grown SO much in just five weeks. This kind of growth would normally take me 3-4 months to get. And then my ends would look terrible so I'd have to cut it off. Feeding my hair all of the vitamins, minerals and essential oils that make up the ingredients of Monat's products are obviously doing my hair a lot of good! My hair is also so much smoother and shinier now. It just overall looks better.
Monat has several different shampoo's for different hair types. I use their volume system (volumizing shampoo, conditioner and root lifter). It's what my particular hair type needs. I also use the leave-in conditioner and the rejuvabeads which is a split end mender. It literally takes your split ends and mends them together within 60 seconds of application. I can tell too. I have zero split ends. It's crazy! My ends look like they've just been cut but they haven't!! I use their other products too like the dry shampoo, hair spray, replinish masque and rejuvinique oil but the volume system, leave-in and rejuvabeads are my go-to's. I'm beyond obsessed. I just love how much better my hair looks now and I will never, ever use anything else again.
If you aren't using Monat you should without question give it a try. Like I said before, there's a 30 day money back guarantee so there's no risk in trying!! Find out what all of the hype is about. I promise you'll love it. If you want to shop the products you can do so HERE. Send me a message first though so I can recommend the right products for your particular hair type and hair needs!! These products are great and the company is great too. They do all kinds of cool things for their customers and the people who sell the products as well. I got TWO volume systems in the mail today just as a little thank you from Monat. What?! Made my day.

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