Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Final Installs & Packing

Today has been a day of checking things off my list and it feels good! Tuesdays are my days where I get stuff done. It's 1 of 2 days a week where we don't have anywhere to go or anything to do. It's usually full of laundry and chores and I spend all day tending to my house. Today was no exception and I've been productive which has been good for my soul.
I went and checked on our house later this afternoon and the hardwood floors are almost fully installed. They'll finish up tomorrow and start carpet. We're also getting all of our door and cabinet hardware tomorrow and pouring our driveway. At some point this week they're also putting in all of our bathroom mirrors and other than some final touch up's I can't think of anything left to do! The people are set to clean our house on Monday, we'll get the certificate of occupancy on Tuesday then start moving stuff in on Wednesday! I can't believe its here. It's been long but on the other hand it's flown by. It's really been such a fun process and Scott and I have really enjoyed building our house together. Next week will end with a bang with Campbell's birthday party on Saturday. Busy week!!
I'm slowly packing the house up. I try to get two to three boxes packed a day. I have a feeling we'll spend our weekend packing up our whole house then just eat off paper plates and get meals to go all of next week. No complaints here. Any excuse to not have to cook works for me!!

I know this isn't super entertaining stuff to read but moving is life right now so it's all I have to talk about! See you back here tomorrow!

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