Monday, April 23, 2018

Our Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are important am I right? It's so funny but when we were going through the very first steps of our home build, we put a lot of focus on our laundry room. I guarantee you Scott and I spent about two hours discussing the way we wanted our cabinets laid out and where we wanted our clothes to hang. I think we made the right choices on both! This is a room that gets used a lot in the home so we wanted to try to think over every detail we possibly could. I'm thrilled with the way everything turned out. It may seem silly but I love my laundry room. I wanted to share a few pics of it with y'all today!
I wanted a clean, simple feeling to this space. We went really light with everything but did the pop of grey backsplash for some nice contrast. I absolutely love the backsplash. Scott had done that in a kitchen in a previous home he had built a few years ago and I loved it in that house so much. When we were picking out our tile and backsplash, using this in here was an easy decision for me. I had seen it installed before so I knew I would love what it looked like.
When we had our meeting with the cabinet designer, I told him I like the idea of shelves somewhere simply for adding a little bit of d├ęcor to cozy the space up. He ended up designing this and I love it! It's really simple but adds a little something and I enjoy looking at it while I'm folding laundry! I didn't want to put a lot of accessories on the countertops because I need that space for folding so this worked out perfect for a little somethin' somethin' in here.
Ivy and Madison think this room is their room. We keep their toys in that big basket and their treats, leashes, etc in the drawers in here. I kind of love that they have their own space for all of their stuff. We have a big closet to the right of the washer and dryer. We ended up putting a bar for us to hang our clothes in there. We wash and hang to dry almost everything, even the boys clothes, so we always have clothes hanging to dry. Scott thought it could be a good idea to hang them in the closet so they aren't out and in the way and I've loved it. We also ended up putting a sliding door in here instead of a regular door and that was the best decision ever. Our laundry room door is always, always open which means a big door is taking up what could potentially be valuable space. By doing the sliding door, I feel like we gained a few extra feet of space. I am really pleased with how this room turned out. It's perfectly functional for us and I'm happy with the design of it as well!

Normally I would provide links to things but for some reason my internet is soooooo slow right now so I'll just let you know that the baskets, lamp and towels are from Target, the flower vase on the top shelf is Mud Pie, books are flea market finds and if you're local to NWA, the fern and dancing bunnies are from Signed Sealed Delivered. There. Way easier than trying to wait on these websites to load. Ha!

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