Friday, May 25, 2018

Disney World Day 4

Our last day at Disney was perfect. I was super excited to go back to Magic Kingdom because I knew what to expect and felt like we would really be able to enjoy ourselves instead of being overwhelmed. And we did. We felt like pro's (although I know we're far from it) at this point. We managed to do almost every single (age appropriate) ride, doing some of them even three times our last day. The weather was perfect. We were expecting rain and packed our ponchos. It would sprinkle a tiny bit here and there but not much so basically the weather was cool and breezy. It looked like rain was going to fall out of the sky at any minute the entire day but it ended up being such a blessing! We got rained on maybe once or twice but it was hardly anything and Scott and I agreed we would take that over the heat we experienced the first day without question. I told Scott I really wanted to spend a little bit of time taking some photos before we got our day started. By the end of the day everyone is sweaty and gross so I figured we may as well take the photos first, get it over with, then enjoy the rest of our day. So that's what we did and we walked away with so many great photos!!
Our first fast pass was for Buzz Lightyears Space Rangers Spin, also known as heaven in Campbell's world. Campbell loves Toy Story so we were excited for him to do this ride. We ended up doing it again before the day was over. We also came home with 4 new Toy Story toys including Buzz and Woody themselves. I not so secretly love that he has Buzz and Woody now.
We did a few more rides then headed to Crystal Palace for our last character meal with the Winnie the Pooh characters. I loved this meal. Scott could have done without it. We got lucky with the most spectacular view of the castle and I thought the food was great. Scott thought it was just okay (for the price). I would compare it to that of a country club buffet, which I love a county club buffet (haha!) so I thought it was delicious. It was just super convenient because it's right in the middle of Magic Kingdom and the atmosphere is lovely. I definitely recommend this character meal because of convenience, location, and food. 
We ended up doing several more rides in the afternoon and got to a point where we weren't sure what to do anymore. We had kind of done it all, but I loved that we were at that point otherwise I would have felt like I was missing out on something. We decided to just walk around the park, eat some fun snacks, visit the gift shops and take in the scenery. It was lovely.
Very late in the day we used our fast pass for Enchanted Tells with Belle. I had been told that, even though I have boys, it was worth doing. I'm so glad we did! It's an interactive character meet and greet. They assign parts to some of the guests and Campbell was picked to play Belle's father! Haha! Campbell loved it! We were able to meet Belle (obviously) and funny enough, it was the only character Bennett had any interest in visiting with. The kid is beyond obsessed with Mickey and the gang but wanted nothing to do with them unless they were at a distance. But he sees Belle, who he knows nothing about, and suddenly he's all about the photos. 
We decided since it was our last night we would just go for it and stay until the park closed. We rode a lot of rides then ate our last dinner at Be Our Guest. I had been looking for dinner reservations to Be Our Guest for months and nothing was available. But two nights before, someone apparently canceled their 8:00 reservation and even though that's after our boys bedtime, we decided to take it. I'm so glad we did. The atmosphere was beautiful and it felt like you were in the ballroom. The food was delicious, the service was great, and the Beast was walking throughout the room and taking photos while we were there. Scott and I had some wine, a strip, and ended our meal with "the grey stuff." And you know what? It was delicious!!! 
We walked out of the restaurant just in time to catch the fireworks. I really, really wanted to do Peter Pan's Flight just one more time. It was my favorite ride the first day but there was always such a long wait time and I never wanted to wait on it. Since it was so late, we were basically able to hop right on and it made me happy! After Peter Pan, we walked down Main Street USA, bought two more of those dang balloons, then left the park with full hearts. 
Disney really is all it's hyped up to be. I keep reliving our trip and it just makes my heart happy with every memory I have. The boys had the time of their lives. They obviously have no idea how special it is to be able to go to Disney World but they were still able to appreciate how fun it was. I loved every second and as soon as I got on the plane to head home I was already planning our next Disney vacation in my mind. Ha!! 
I'm so happy we were able to take the boys. It's something I've dreamed of for years and this is the first year we felt like the boys were capable of traveling and it not being stressful for us. This was the boys very first vacation and I think it's a good one to call your first! I know Bennett won't remember it but I hope Campbell will always take away some memories from it. I know I'll never forget it and I'm thankful for these photos and memories that I will treasure forever and ever. Until next time (hopefully soon!!). 

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