Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Last Day Of School

Campbell and Bennett had their last day of school yesterday. The last day of school is technically on Thursday but we are leaving for Disney on Thursday so Monday was the last day for us. I cannot even begin to express how wonderful this year has been for both of my boys. It has always been so awesome for them but Campbell especially has loved this year.
I think Campbell is going to be one of those kids who likes school (definitely doesn't get that from me!). His preschool has a workbook that they've been using all year. He's mostly been practicing tracing and writing letters, following patterns, etc. They've also learned the days of the week, the differences in weather, the pledge of allegiance, and a whole lot about the Bible. He asks me every single day "do I go to school today?" and is disappointed if I say no. He has made so many new friends and he is beyond obsessed with his sweet teacher. Like, obsessed.
Campbell made a new "best buddy" this year and apparently they are super tight. Adele's mom and I were informed on their tight bond at the beginning of the school year and those two are like glue. We're planning on some play dates over the summer. Thankfully, our school has a 6 week summer program so it's not "technically" over quite yet. Campbell will have the same teachers and friends in his class for a few more weeks. We'll take a month off, go back for 6 weeks, then take more time off before starting up a new school year in the fall. So we didn't have to say our real goodbye's just yet. Thank goodness.
And then there's this sweet little love muffin. I've had Bennett in Mothers Day Out since he was four months old. I know that probably seems crazy to some people but the women there are so incredible so I just didn't see why not. His teachers this year were no exception. Bennett absolutely loves his teachers and I do too. It really ended up being such a blessing this year. Bennett wasn't originally supposed to be in the "puppies" class. He got, as Scott jokingly likes to say, held back at the beginning of the year. He was supposed to be in a different, older class but he was a late walker and since he wasn't walking when school started in August, he was put in the class just below his age group. I was honestly a little sad at first because I knew it would be a very different "school" experience for him (no outside play, no spring musical, etc) but it ended up being the greatest blessing because his teachers and sweet little friends were just amazing. Plus, he was able to be with his teachers from last year during music time and I know he still knows them and is comfortable with them so it all just worked out perfectly.
Bennett loves school and he and Campbell both have never once cried at drop off. I know I've said that before probably but it just makes me so happy and I think it's a testament to how wonderful the program they're in is. It really has enriched their lives and I feel like it's one of the best decisions I've made as a parent to send them there. I'm know there are many incredible programs around NWA but for us, this is where we are meant to be and I've never once questioned it. Some moms have told me that they looked into over a dozen "school's" before choosing this one. I just go to church here so I was like.....this is where we'll go. Ha! It's seriously been incredible though and I will be so very sad when my boys are too old to be here.
Another school year down. So cliché right now but truly one of those "I absolutely cannot believe it" moments. It went by quickly. Thankfully Campbell gets to resume back to his ways in 4 weeks. Bennett will be upgraded to the class he was supposed to be in. So new teachers for the short summer session then new teachers again in the fall. I'll be honest it makes me a little nervous for Bennett to have all that change. I like consistency for my kids. But I'm sure he'll handle it great! I know they'll anxiously be awaiting for the summer session to start! Apparently school is way more fun than being home with me. Can't say I blame them.

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