Tuesday, August 28, 2018

All About Baby Number 3

Sharing all about this sweet babe today!!

I'm getting flooded with questions. So many are curious about this little baby!! So I thought I'd answer a lot of questions on here.

How Are You Feeling: Miserable. Absolutely miserable. Unfortunately I am one of the unlucky ones who experiences horrific first trimesters....and beyond. I'm several weeks past my first trimester and still feeling nauseous every day. I typically do until the halfway mark so I'm just taking it day by day until fall gets here. This has been the longest summer ever. So much nausea, so much vomiting. I am beyond thankful for my sweet husband who has really stepped up to the plate and completely taken care of our boys, house and dogs. I have felt like the most useless mother, wife and house keeper these last few months and it's made me sad. I have an extremely heightened sense of smell, awful food aversions, headaches, all day nausea, and end my evenings throwing up what little I can manage to eat. All of my first trimesters have been rough but I would say this has been the worst to date. Medicines don't help me. I've tried them all. I have taken Bonjesta every day which has allowed me to have at least a few hours in the morning to feel like a normal person but after an early lunch it all goes downhill after that. I am also completely depleted of energy. I don't know if it's the Bonjesta (it has unisom in it) or that I have two other little guys to take care of, or the fact that growing a human is just hard work. Probably a combination of all. I am exhausted every day and so tired of feeling like a zombie. I said when I was pregnant with Bennett that I could never be pregnant again because of how hard it is on me. I really mean it this time. I know an amazing little person is the result of all of this but I honestly can never put myself through this again....not that I was planning on it anyway.

When Did You Find Out: June 11. It was the boys first day of summer school. I felt like I was getting my period that day so I didn't think anything of it. But as the day went on I started to wonder. My cycle is regular to the hour so with each passing hour I kept thinking about it more and more. I picked the boys up from school and went home to see if I had a pregnancy test. Sure enough I had one random test at home and decided to waste it (or so I thought) because I knew I wouldn't be able to stop wondering all day if I didn't. Fully expecting it to say nothing, a second line immediately appeared. My jaw dropped and I started shaking. I think I was in a daze the rest of the day.

How Did You Tell Scott: I was so scared and nervous to tell Scott for some reason. Looking back I'm not sure why. I waited all day to say anything and finally got my nerve up later that evening. He was in his office working. I sat down on the sofa and he turned around in his chair and started to tell me about everything he had on his plate and how stressed and overwhelmed he was. He said "I sense you're about to tell me something that's going to cause me even more stress." and I just nodded and said "I'm pregnant." He gasped the loudest gasp and covered his mouth with his hand and I just started crying. His response was "why are you crying???" It's such an odd feeling when you aren't planning for it. We hugged while I cried and Scott said "wow" about 48 times. We sat in shock for a while, then laughed at ourselves and finally Scott said "I guess this was just meant to be!"

Are You Not On BC: Okay kind of TMI but I'll go there. No, I'm not and I haven't been for about 8 years now. My cycles are like clockwork almost to the minute so it's always been very easy for me to keep track of everything. We have never not once had any concerns. I knew my ovulation was approaching but I figured it was far enough out to be okay. I mean, it always has been in the past!!! So when I got the positive pregnancy test it wasn't like "OMG how could this have even happened?" it was more like "wow.....that little sucker survived for a long time." And I did not ovulate early. I still remember the day it happened and thinking "yeah nothing's going to happen."

When Is Your Due Date: February 20. Since I've had both of my babies at 37 weeks though, we're already predicting and planning for this baby to be born at the very end of January!! I predict January 31. I will be 37.1 weeks. I went into labor with Campbell at 37.3 weeks and with Bennett at 37.2 weeks so 37.1 weeks follows the pattern! We shall see!!

Are You Excited: We are! It feels very surreal though and I still can't believe this is happening. Sharing our news made it feel more real. We have kept this a tight locked secret telling only immediate family and about 3 friends. I think we just needed a minute. I've also been too exhausted and sick to muster up any energy to tell anyone honestly. But we feel really lucky for this sweet blessing. I was never opposed to having three kids and even always said I wanted another but then I got really comfortable with just my two. Life is easier now than it has been in 4.5 years and now we're starting over!! I get totally overwhelmed sometimes when I think about it. But then I also see tiny little babies or baby stuff and I'm so glad that I get to have another one of those tiny little humans again. I picture our life in 10 and 20 years with our three boys and it makes me so happy that tears fill my eyes. I never, ever, ever imagined I would be a mom to three boys. Wow. I think Scott has already started a savings fund just for the amount of food we'll go through when they're teenagers. My only hope and wish is that they will all three be the absolute best friends. I think our family dynamic is going to be so fun with three boys and I trust in the Lords plan for this next adventure that awaits us!! I can't wait to hold this baby in my arms.


  1. Just the sweetest news! Campbell and Bennett will be the best big brothers. So exciting and wishing you easier days ahead with your pregnancy. I was nauseous for the first five months with my daughter and it was brutal. Hang in there friend. πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ☺️