Monday, August 20, 2018

First Day of School

Today was the boys first day back to school! I have been so excited for this school year for some reason. I just have a feeling that both of my boys are going to really enjoy their year. They were both SO excited to go this morning. They are normally slow pokes to get out of the door but they were anxious to hop in the car and head to school!
When we pulled into the school parking lot Campbell asked if he could go to his class first. I always like to drop Bennett off first because it's easier but I may have to just start taking Campbell first because he is always so ready to go to class to see his friends.
We took Bennett to his class and got him all settled. He was so excited. I was worried there may be a few tears since it's a new class with new teachers but there wasn't! He was happy to be there, walked in with a paci, Minnie, Daisy and his lunchbox. He handed his lunch to his teacher, gave me a kiss and that was that. Such a big boy! I was so proud of him.
Campbell walked into the preschool building, found his name over his backpack hanger, hung his backpack up, got his lunchbox and walked right into his class with a big smile. He turned around real fast and let me give him a big squeeze before he took off towards his best friend and immediately grabbed a bucket of toys to start playing.
When I picked the boys up I could immediately tell they'd had a great day! Unfortunately, Bennett had not one but two accidents at school! I was worried that would happen. I told the teachers when I dropped him off that when he's having fun he does not like to stop to use the potty and won't even act like he needs to. They said they kept putting him on the potty and he would just shake his head and say no. So he went through two pairs of shorts today. Sigh. I'm hoping Thursday will be better. Campbell told me he made a lot of new friends today but he doesn't know their names yet. His teacher said he did perfect tracing S on the white board which she thought was great since it's a hard letter. All in all, a great first day! I'm excited for this year and hope my boys learn a lot, have fun and make a lot of new friends!!

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