Tuesday, September 4, 2018

16 Weeks

Well I've had a lot of people ask if I'll do my weekly updates and tell me they enjoy following along so I guess I will! These posts are still my most popular posts to date so I figure why not! I'm always up for a blogging topic anyway so I'll just talk about this every Tuesday. So here we go baby 3! Still no name yet...

Size of Baby: 3 and a half ounces and 4.5 inches long. About the size of an avocado.

How I'm Feeling: Stilllll nauseous. I haven't thrown up in almost a week so I guess that's good, especially since I pee my pants every time I do it (3rd pregnancy problems). I get headaches a few times a week. If I have one I usually wake up with it and it kind of lingers throughout the day. I have a little more energy than I used to. I think it's because I stopped taking my anti nausea medicine a little over a week ago. I was just so tired of it making me feel so sluggish and since I was still nauseous anyway, I decided to stop taking it. I definitely feel better than I did a few weeks ago but I'm pretty bummed that I'm not feeling like myself yet. I had felt better at this point with my last two pregnancies.

Cravings/Appetite: I am getting my appetite back. It's not so hard to please me anymore. Poor Scott. The first couple of months he had to fetch me to-go food of whatever sounded somewhat appetizing, every. single. night. He's done that for me every pregnancy and he'll never know how much I appreciate it. I can actually stomach cooking for my family again (as of last week) and I'm not having to carb load as much anymore either. This time last year I started doing Keto and loved it. It turned into a lifestyle for me over the year so I haven't had carbs much at all. As soon as I got pregnant carbs were the only thing I could really eat and I would get SO nauseous unless I had them. I'm talking bagel for breakfast, huge sandwich for lunch, crackers for a snack, rice/potatoes with dinner. Major carb load. I honestly hated doing it but didn't feel like I had a choice. But just in the last few days I'm able to have just my coffee for breakfast, salads for lunch and almonds for my snacks. I still can't really handle only meat and veggies for dinner but we're getting there, slowly but surly! Cutting out carbs just makes me feel better and have more energy so I'm ready to get back to my no carb lifestyle again.

Clothes: I had a bummer moment over the weekend where my favorite jean shorts wouldn't button. I was hoping they would hold out on me for the rest of the month but this bump is growing so goodbye jean shorts! Other than that, everything else still fits just fine.

Movement: I do feel movement and have since I was about 8 weeks! I thought there were two in there since I was feeling movements so early. Ha!! I only feel it when I'm laying down and it's not every day but I do feel those sweet little pops and flutters. It makes me smile every time it happens and they're becoming stronger and more noticeable every day.

Changes In Me: My pace during my runs is becoming increasingly longer. I have actually managed to keep up with my morning runs almost every morning. Although now it's almost like it's more of a fast walk than a run. I honestly think the heat is more to blame than pregnancy is. I'm ready for it to cool off and I'm curious to see how long I can run before it becomes impossible.

Baby Purchases: I purchased the sweetest little bassinet yesterday. I have always wanted one. I am not a fan of the Rock N Play and our Pack N Play just does not seem comfortable. Plus it's big and I can't keep it beside the bed. Y'all know I'm a stickler for a good sleeping baby and healthy sleep habits so a bassinet fits the bill for me. I think this will be perfect and I can't stop admiring how precious (and pretty!) it is!
Favorite Moment This Week: Campbell looking at my belly and telling me how big I'm getting!

Looking Forward To: Not being nauseous. Maybe week 16 will be the magic week!

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  1. My kids both slept in a Moses Basket their first few weeks of life but mine wasn’t on a rocker. So cute!! Mine sat on the coffee table. I switched between that and our nearly 40 year old family cradle. So excited for you!!