Friday, September 7, 2018

Big Boy Bed

We converted Bennett's crib to a toddler bed tonight! Sweet boy has been wanting a big boy bed for so long now. He wants to be like big brother so bad. He always wants to sleep in Campbell's bed and just this morning, we couldn't find Bennett then discovered him laying on Campbell's bed, watching his iPad. Haha!! We have been planning on converting his bed this week for a while now and it was so exciting for him that it finally happened!
We surprised Bennett with it after dinner and when he walked in his room, he ran to his bed and immediately laid his head down on his pillow like he was ready to go to sleep. Then he got up, turned his sound machine on and climbed back in bed. Haha!!!! He's a mess.
We had a nice long talk about how big boys have to stay in their beds all night until mommy or daddy comes to get them. He laid in bed for about an hour before falling asleep and he stayed in bed the whole time. So proud of him. The first night we slept in our new house, we didn't have any furniture so Bennett had to sleep on his nap mat. He stayed on it all night and when he woke up in the morning he laid on his nap mat until I came to get him. So I think he'll transition perfectly fine! I'm so excited for Bennett because he has been wanting this for so long. I hope my sweet boy has sweet dreams tonight in his sweet little toddler bed!

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