Monday, September 24, 2018


It's officially fall and for once it actually feels like it here in Northwest Arkansas. We had the most gorgeous fall day on Saturday. I can't ever remember a time in which it turned September 22 and the first day of fall brought the cool temps right along with it. We decided to embrace the fantastic weather by spending a lot of time outside. We have a lot of trees in our backyard and they're already shedding their leaves. It looks beautiful. We sat on our back patio to eat lunch and enjoy the fall colors and it made for the most perfect day! Just one of those simple moments in life that I won't soon forget.
After lunch we laid Bennett down for a nap then I snuck out of the house to do a little shopping. Once I got back home it was back outside to play. We remained there until bedtime...mine and Scott's, not the boys! Fall is not overrated. Neither is spring. Any time the weather brings me those perfect low-mid 60 temps I consider it a good day. Although there is just something about the beauty of fall that gets me. The grass is still green, the leaves on the trees are beautiful, and the coziness of coffee and a perfectly lit fire make everything seem right in the world. Pumpkins are just a bonus.
Fall makes me want to pull my camera out every single day and take photos. I always get a little camera happy in the fall. And simply looking through my lens my boys act and look so much bigger this year than they did last year. How can a person change SO much in just a year? And next fall we'll have another little person to take photos of! I was on the phone with someone today and they asked me how many people were in my family, including those not born yet, and I said five. It was my first time to say family of five. It was a moment.
Happy (officially) Fall! May it bring us all our happiest season.

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