Thursday, September 27, 2018

Four and a half.

Campbell is 4.5 (as of yesterday) and seeming so different these days. The toddler is long gone and he now seems like such a big boy. His growth just in the last 6 months is astounding--physically and mentally. Everyone comments on how tall he's getting and I can't believe that a shirt I bought him over the holidays last year, that I thought looked SO huge at the time, actually fits him perfectly this fall. His shorts I got him this spring are already too tight in his waist. So much physical growth.
Then there's the other kind of growth and how much his personality is changing. His knowledge surprises me sometimes. He's maturing in small ways every day. I'm watching him change from a little boy to a boy. It's special to see and also bittersweet. No more baby. No more toddler. That Campbell is long gone.
The one thing that hasn't change though is his sweet disposition. Every single teacher Campbell has ever had has always made it a point to tell me how sweet Campbell is and how kind he is to his friends. Campbell isn't a wild, rough and tough little boy. He never has been. He has a gentle spirit and a really big and tender heart. I absolutely love that about him. His character is special and I hope nothing about it ever changes.
Currently Campbell loves long books, school, puzzles, playing basketball and soccer, and driving his car around the neighborhood. Campbell can work Netflix better than I can and will watch just about anything. He is getting really good at coloring. He's never been into art but just since school started back he's suddenly interested and really great at staying inside the lines. He can draw stick people and write his name. He loves building legos and playing power rangers. He asks frequently if we can go back to Disney World. He still pronounces Bennett's name 'Bendit' and tells me at least once a day that I'm pretty. Campbell fixes his own snacks, buckles himself into his car seat, and needs zero assistance in the bathroom. He loves to get his hair cut and always wants to wear his tennis shoes because they make him run faster and jump higher than his other shoes. He loves his family, his dogs, popcorn, and candy.
This little boy is just the best. We are so proud of Campbell. He's always easy and pleasant to be around. It's crazy to think how much we've both grown in the last 4.5 years and there will always be a special spot in my heart for the little boy who made me mommy.

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