Tuesday, October 9, 2018

21 Weeks

Every time I realize it's time for me to write another bump date I get taken by surprise. I know I sound like a broken record but this pregnancy is going by too fast. Never in my entire life have weeks gone by faster than they are right now. This summer when I was in my first trimester, the hours crept along. Now that I'm feeling good and we're into our normal swing of school, bible study, church, etc, life just couldn't possibly be moving faster. I love it and also wish it would slow down all at the same time.
Size of Baby: Three-quarters of a pound and 10.5 inches long, about the length of a carrot.

How I'm Feeling: I feel great! My back usually hurts me by the end of the night but other than that everything is smooth sailing. I have a lot of energy which I'm most thankful for.

Cravings/Appetite: Normal appetite and finding myself getting very full very quickly.
Clothes: All normal clothes and I believe fall will be here to stay starting tomorrow so looking forward to wearing some new fall items!

Movement: I can feel him move around almost every time I'm sitting still or laying down. He moves the most at night when I'm laying in bed.

Changes in Me: I find myself going to bed really early most nights. I struggle with being too much of a night owl and staying up until 11:00 but I'm typically crawling in bed by 9:00 most nights. I have a lot of energy throughout the day but by the time I get the boys in bed, straighten up my house, and take a shower, I'm typically ready to call it a day.
Baby Purchases: While I was in Little Rock last week I purchased a Copper Pearl swaddle. Honestly, the last thing I need is another swaddle blanket but I've never had one of these Copper Pearl swaddles and I hear they're really great. They're really big and have some stretch to them so I feel like it will be good to have those first few weeks when the baby is super tiny. I really like the easy swaddles where you just wrap the Velcro around them however, my babies are always too little in the beginning for those to be very effective. I learned with Bennett how important it is to get a TIGHT swaddle (arms down by the side, no way to bust out) in order to establish good sleeping habits. I've decided in order to get a swaddle tight enough that first month or so, I'm just going to have to go old school and use a blanket. I'm hoping this Copper Pearl swaddle will do the trick!

Favorite Moment This Week: Meeting my new baby niece. Newborns are so amazing. It's incredible to look at them knowing just a few hours/days before you were holding them they were in their mommas belly. They're so tiny and delicate and it made me excited for my own little newborn in a few months.
Looking Forward To: Just enjoying this season of fall. I find myself really soaking up life as a family of four. Everything is pretty easy to do these days and it's so nice. Before we hit the reset button, I'm truly taking in these moments with my boys. We're doing a lot of fun activities that were too challenging to do when they were younger and it's been so fun. I also need to try to be really intentional and do a lot of date nights with Scott because that is something I never do when I have little babies. Nursing makes it complicated and I have a strict schedule that I like to keep them on which most babysitters don't understand therefore, I get frustrated and feel as if it's not worth it to go anywhere. Plus, it's just uneasy for me to leave a tiny baby in the care of others. Therefore, no date nights. I'm so bad about planning ahead to find a babysitter but I need to get better about that since our date nights are numbered. So basically, I'm looking forward to enjoying a lot of activities with all of my boys this season, before another little boy joins our crew.

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