Tuesday, October 30, 2018

24 Weeks

True story: I was about to post this with the title '23 Weeks.' Then I looked at my pregnancy app just to double check and was like ooooohhhkay I'm a week closer to meeting this baby than I thought I was. I could have sworn I was 23 weeks but nope, definitely 24. I'm shaking my head at myself right now. It's so funny because with my first pregnancy, the first thing I did every morning was look at my pregnancy app to see what the baby was up to and get a little update. I never look at my app this time around but apparently I need to so I'll know how far along I am! Sigh.....
Size of Baby: Almost a foot long and just over a pound.

How I'm Feeling: I feel great! A little bit of reflux/indigestion but not horrible and not even every day. A prevacid quickly fixes the problem.
Cravings/Appetite: I feel miserably full by the end of the day. I always get to where I can only eat tiny portions of food towards the end of my pregnancies and I can tell I'm headed in that direction. I never feel hungry anymore. Just always full. My stomach is getting taken over by a growing baby!!

Clothes: Same ol' stuff. Still enjoying going shopping for new items that work with my bump but that I also know will work next year as well.
Movement: Sweet little movements from this little guy. He's still pretty tame in there but he moves all throughout the day to let me know he's doing good.

Changes in Me: Just growing, growing, growing. I look in the mirror and shake my head at how big my belly is. I do that every pregnancy. It's so crazy what happens to your body and even though this is my 3rd time, it's still just as astonishing to me as it was the first time.

Baby Purchases: I had to place a new order for my Honest bundle for Bennett's nighttime diapers. I don't know if he'll need them for a whole lot longer (I'm thinking through the rest of the year) so I did half of the bundle of diapers for Bennett and half for new baby. Tiny little newborn diapers.
Favorite Moment This Week: Taking the boys to trick or treat on the Bentonville square on Saturday. We do it every year and it's so much fun. They had the best time and collected a lot of candy for themselves!! Nothing is better than watching your kids have fun.

Looking Forward To: Halloween tomorrow! Our last Halloween with just two boys. Next year this baby will be sitting up, possibly crawling, eating table food and looking so cute in a little baby Halloween costume!!

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