Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pregnancy Style Tips

I wanted to do a little Instagram roundup of some outfits I've shared on there lately. I have found some awesome new fall pieces that I'm excited to wear this season. When I was pregnant with Campbell, I was so excited to buy maternity clothes. I later realized that it wasn't necessary and I'll never wear those clothes again so it was kind of a waste. With Bennett I managed to get through my entire pregnancy in my regular clothes and I'm planning on doing the same this time. As long as you pick pieces that are roomy, you should be fine! The only maternity piece I would consider buying this time around is a new pair of maternity jeans. I've spotted a pair I like and I may take the plunge and get them. Otherwise, even my regular pants are working just fine! 
These jeans are leggings that I've had since last season. The waist is stretchy and for now I can wear them on my waist like I usually do. Once my bump gets bigger I'll just wear them under my belly. My top is one of my favorites and one I've had for several years now. It's so versatile and I wear it frequently during the cooler months. Cardigans are perfect for pregnancy because you can still wear your regular size. I also feel like they slim the bump a little. I'll be wearing a lot of cardigans this fall! Also, these new suede booties are life and I can't stop wearing them.
This top is perfect for that inbetween weather when it's hard to know what to wear. If I worked in an office this would be perfect for that environment. The thick tweed fabric reminds me of Chanel. It looks like an expensive top but it's not! I paired it with black leggings and loved the look. I will keep this top for many years to come.
This poncho may be my new favorite fall item. I love the fun pop of yellow and the fabric is so soft. My jeans are real jeans that I got last season. I found a band that you can wear around your jeans, unbuttoned, so you can continue to wear your regular pants throughout your pregnancy. The band is super stretchy and it holds your pants up so you can wear them unbuttoned/unzipped as far as you need to, to accommodate your growing baby bump! Perfect for pregnancy and post partum.

I linked every single item on my Instagram via the LikeToKnow.It app! The app is so awesome and if you don't have it already, you need it! All you have to do is get the app then go to my Instagram and screen shot the photo of the outfit. You then go into your app and you can shop the pic. Everything is linked so it takes you exactly to the website item and you can simply put it in your shopping cart, check out, and it's done. I shop with the app all the time and I love it. It's definitely simplified shopping for me. Follow me on Instagram if you don't already (karas_stories) and shop these cute fall outfits!

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