Monday, October 22, 2018

Wooo Pig Sooie

We took the boys to their very first Razorback football game on Saturday! They've been tailgating before but we've never actually taken them into a game. We had always planned to take them to a game this year. It's the first season we felt like they could both handle it. They did great and it was so much fun!!!
Campbell has been asking to go to a Razorback game all season long so he was SO excited to go. We woke up on Saturday morning and hit the ground running. I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to walk around campus and enjoy ourselves before going into the game. Thankfully we found a parking spot right in front of Old Main so I was able to snap a few pics of my boys before we got our game day started.
Campbell was not in the mood to dilly dally. He was ready to get to the game. So we walked across campus and made our way to call the Hogs. Campbell was in awe when we walked into the stadium and Bennett was completely overwhelmed. He cautiously watched all that was going on around him for about 15 minutes before he decided it was awesome. The boys loved calling the Hogs. After the first quarter we went to the end zone to grab some food and walk through the Razorback store...where we walked away with two footballs. Another quarter and halftime show later and Bennett was ready to go home and take a nap.
We lasted the whole first half which was the goal so we felt like it was a success! The boys did so great and were entertained the entire time. Campbell is ready to go back and Bennett is still randomly calling the Hogs. Maybe we'll take them back to another game this year. Scott and I haven't been to a game since these sweet boys came into the picture and we had such a fun time taking them!
So happy my boys got to experience a Razorback game. Scott and I always have so much fun watching our boys have fun. Once we got home, Scott and Campbell threw the football back and forth until it got dark outside. And maybe these boys are good luck charms because the Hogs actually won a game! Haha! We're no fair weather fans. We will always love and support our Hogs!! Woo Pig!

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