Monday, December 24, 2018

Holiday Express

Well our train ride went much better this year than it did last year! The boys were so excited to ride a real train. My boys love trains so this is right up their alley. We got there in plenty of time to get some good seats. Campbell kept saying "I not can-lieve this!!" which is how he says 'I cannot believe this' and I never want him to change how he says that. Bennett was classic Bennett when we do an event like this. Totally into it but also super cautious. He only wanted to sit in our laps and he had a pretty tight grip on us. He would say "choo choo all aboard!" but only felt comfortable being safely in our arms. When I would ask him if he was scared he would say "ummm, no I'm fine!" but he didn't want to sit on his own or walk around like Campbell. Campbell stared out of the window the entire time to take it all in!
Christmas music was playing over the speakers and we were served cookies, hot chocolate and candy canes. Santa made an appearance but my boys weren't interested in chatting with him. He did hand out a jingle bell though and they thought that was something special!
Overall just a pretty magical little train ride with my boys. I love this tradition every year and seeing the excitement and happiness it brings my kiddos! We always wait until as close to Christmas day to do it as possible and I love it. It's like it really kicks off the start of all the celebrating!

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