Thursday, December 20, 2018


Let's talk about something I've never discussed on this blog before--undergarments!! Yes ladies lets discuss bras and underwear. Because I have found the best bras and underwear over the last year and a half or so and I just feel as if it would be an injustice to keep it to myself. So even though this honestly feels a little awkward for me, let me share with you the most comfortable bras and underwear I've ever worn.
The wireless bras by Gap are the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. I will never wear a bra with an underwire ever again. When I was nursing Bennett, I had a nursing bra that was wireless and it was so comfortable. After wearing it for over a year then finally weaning, I decided I had to find a regular, wireless bra as comfortable as my nursing bra. I shopped around all day one day and finally landed on these. Not only do I love that they're wireless but they have a tiny bit of padding in them which I like to help keep things lifted and smooth. I love the Everyday Smooth and Breath in particular and they are even more comfortable and give better support than the nursing bra I thought was so wonderful. Click HERE to shop them.
I've recently found the best underwear ever. I have always heard how good Soma's underwear are so I finally decided to give them a try. I walked in the store and told the sales girl that I'm not 21 anymore and I need full coverage over the cheeks. Any time I have ever found underwear that actually cover my cheeks, I have found that they are too high waisted and I can't stand high waisted underwear. She listened to my wants then showed me THESE. I love them. They are seriously the best underwear I've ever owned. They're very soft, give full coverage, and the pretty lace waistband is low so it doesn't give you a muffin top. The best thing about them is that they stay put. There is a tiny strip of silicone on the edge (that you can't even feel or hardly see) so they won't ride up!! I ended up throwing out all of my old underwear and went back to the store to get more of these. If you read the reviews online, everyone raves about how great this underwear is. I seriously can't even tell you how great they are. You just need to go and get some for yourself!
Okay so there you go! A little bit TMI but if any of you try and love as much as I do, I'll consider it worth it!

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