Friday, January 25, 2019

Wells Andrew Johnson

Hi friends! Allow me to introduce you to Wells Andrew Johnson!!
Wells made his grand debut on Wednesday, January 23 at 10:58 PM. He weighed 5 pounds, 12 ounces and is 18.25 inches long. He was 36 weeks to the day which made me nervous but he is doing beautifully! He is passing all of his tests with flying colors and nursing so great. We are still here in the hospital. Since he came early we have to stay for 48 hours but we're looking forward to getting home tomorrow!!
I knew on Sunday when I was walking into church and felt him drop that, that was the beginning of something getting started. I'm pretty sure that I had been in labor since Monday. My stomach was so sore from having contractions non stop on Monday and Tuesday. I texted my doctor on Tuesday and told her I had a feeling she was going to tell me on Wednesday at my appointment that I was in labor. I will definitely share details of Wells' birth story once I get home and I have time to write it all out. But for now I just wanted to share a photo of our precious new addition. He has been a little angel and I am soaking up his sweet little newborn self. I can't stop kissing his precious little head!!

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