Monday, February 18, 2019

Monster Energy Balls

I wanted to share a new (to me) recipe with you guys. A sweet friend brought me some of these a few weeks ago and I have made them myself two times since. They are an awesome snack for everyone in my house. They keep me full, they're easy to just grab and go, and I don't feel too guilty eating a few a day. My boys love them too but I think I love them more than anyone. 

If you search for energy ball recipes on Pinterest there are SO many different types. I like the "monster" version for the kids and it's a nice little sweet treat for myself as well. Plus I love the crunch of the M&M. These are no bake and super quick to whip together. It's a nice little snack to have on hand that isn't goldfish or fruit snacks or chips....we eat way too many of those around here. Give these a try! I know you'll love them. 

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