Monday, March 11, 2019


Hey all! Happy Monday. I'm hoping this week will go better than last. It was rough all around so I'm looking forward to a new week and a new start. Wells and I got diagnosed with thrush last Monday and it was misery. Neither of us are 100% better yet but we still have a few days left to go on our meds. This is my first experience with thrush and I'm hoping it's my last. I feel silly because I let it go for probably a week before I took him in. He had been getting kind of fussy and wouldn't let us set him down. He also had a lot of tummy aches and was spitting up a lot. I took him in thinking it was reflux and we needed some medicine for it but turns out it was thrush. The ped asked me if I was hurting and I was like "you know now that you mention it....I am." I think that's a clear sign that life is so crazy I'm too busy to notice that I don't feel good.
We've avoided sickness all year but it finally caught up with this little guy. He is feeling so much better today but all weekend he had a high fever and a bad cough. I'm guessing just a common cold but he was pretty pitiful. Well, from what I hear. Wells and I stayed away in my bedroom while Scott managed Bennett. It's really, really scary when one of your kids is sick and you have a newborn in your house.
Campbell has two weeks left to be a four year old and I just can't believe it! I needed to go to Walmart yesterday and he wanted to go with me. Initially I thought I just wanted to be alone for once but I let him tag along and I'm so glad I did. I never get one on one time with my kids....and it's not just a new baby thing, it just seems like it's always that way.....and I love one on one time with my boys. He got to pick out some fun snacks and I just enjoyed our short little time together, even if it was just to the grocery store. When we were pulling back into our neighborhood I said "hey Campbell thanks for going to Walmart with me!" and he said "Yeah! That's what friends do." Hehe! I love him.

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