Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wells' Nursery

I'm so excited to finally be able to share Wells' nursery! We had it all finished before he arrived except we were just able to hang his light last week. So I was waiting to photograph and share it until it was 100% complete.
I absolutely love how his nursery turned out. I really struggled on decorating this room in the beginning. Considering this is my third boy, it was hard doing something that had a different feeling from my other boys. We have always purchased our boys furniture from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child and it has grown really well with them....which was our intention. So I knew I needed to choose furniture that Wells would still love and would still be age approporiate 10+ years down the road. I have always wanted to do a cream nursery but didn't really want to do cream furniture for a boy. So I tried to think of how I could make this room have that light, soft feeling that I've always wanted to do, while still being boyish and something Wells would like several years from now.
I've always loved the Jameson collection from RH and heavily considered doing it when I was picking out Campbell's nursery so I knew this would be the collection I would probably end up doing for Wells. Scott really loved this color and I did too so we chose this first then I decided to brighten up the rest of the room with soft, creamy colors. I thought the map was really cool and something different than anything we had done before and when I saw the lion print I knew I had to have it! It's such a stunning piece of art and looks so gorgeous in person.
The rocker was previously in Bennett's nursery. We moved it out of his room shortly before Wells arrived and thankfully Bennett didn't mind at all. It was the perfect rocker for this room and we felt like it would be silly to purchase another. Full disclosure: this is the most uncomfortable rocker ever....but it's pretty so there's that.
Once the furniture arrived I needed a few more accessories to finish the room. So I called our decorator, Marla, at Bassett and asked her to help me. She finished off the rest of the space and I love everything she chose. It's not at all what I would have picked out myself but I loved her vision. I went to the store and she kept pulling this and that and told me where to put it and I knew it was going to all come together so well.
So there it is! This may be my favorite nursery I've done. I've loved all of my boys nursery's and I do feel like they've all looked different from one another and I'm glad. This room turned out a little masculine and I kind of love that. I love the dark furniture for a boy but everything else is soft which is perfect for a baby. Being in Wells' room is very calming and I still love sitting in his rocker and looking around at everything. His crib will convert into a toddler bed then full sized bed so this will be his room for a very long time and I think it will grow really well with him. I hope he will love it one day as much as I do!


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