Monday, April 8, 2019


Spring has sprung in Northwest Arkansas and this weather is good for my soul. We have been spending a lot of time outside and after being couped up all winter, nothing feels better than sunshine. We got Campbell a bounce house for his birthday and it is a hit. It has a ball pit, slide and basketball goal in it and the boys want to play with it every single evening. So while they bounce around, Scott and I sit on the back porch and enjoy the surroundings. It's been so lovely.
I feel like I spent my entire weekend attempting to vacation plan. Scott and I were completely set on taking the boys back to Disney World this year. We absolutely loved our vacation there last year and our entire family has become those Disney obsessed people who talk about it all the time. LOL. We just kept going back on forth on Wells though and if it would be hard to take him or not. Ultimately we ended up deciding to sit out on Disney this year and go somewhere else. I have worn myself out (and also had fun too) looking into every kid/baby friendly vacation destination out there. I think we've decided on where we want to go though and hopefully we're going to book the trip soon. I'm excited to take the boys somewhere fun and get away for a little bit! This Momma could use a change of scenery and I think the place we've chosen is the best place for young families and our stage of life right now. Can't wait to share where we're going (once we pull the trigger and book it)! I bet a lot of you have been to this place before and have some tips for me!

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