Monday, June 3, 2019


Home. I feel like I haven't been home in two weeks!! We were on our vacation for a week and then I was home for a couple of nights and anxious to get my girls, who were staying with their Pops and Gamma, so I drove to Little Rock to get them and decided I may as well stay a while. We got home yesterday and it just feels so great to be back into our normal routine!! The boys started their summer session of MDO today. It's just a 6 week session but they love going and I like that it helps us keep our normal swing of things in tact. Our family really does well with routine which is funny because I never really imagined I would be that kind of mom but I am. Everything is really scheduled and the same day after day but it just makes our lives easier for it to be that way and the boys definitely thrive on it. So all that to say, everything is back to being the same and it's just good.
I didn't blog on our trip because I was so darn exhausted every day and too tired to come up with words to type. And at this point it seems silly to recap although we did the same thing every day so there isn't much to recap. I did get some great photos though that are some of my new favorites. I still haven't sorted through and edited them all. I manage to get through about 10 images a day before someone needs me (haha!) but I'm hoping to get them finished up this week---slowly but surly.
For now, here are some that I have edited and that I love. I'm planning to print this one below, fairly large, and frame it somewhere in my house. I just love it so much. I did not expect to get a photo of all three of my boys together. It's just soooo hard to get everyone to cooperate. But I got this one literally on my first click while we were on the beach one night. It melts my heart! My three boys.
While I was taking this photo of the boys, someone walked up to me and asked me if we would like a family photo. Scott and I just looked at each other like ehhh. Our camera is hard to use unless you know what you're doing. But sensing our apprehension, she said "I'm a photographer, I can totally use your camera!" So then we quickly said yes! She was so great with the boys (they actually listened to her!) and we just got together for this one simple little photo but it turned out so wonderfully! I love our little family photo that I never imagined we would have gotten on this vacation! I'm so thankful for her asking if we would like a picture otherwise we never would have gotten one of the five of us together on this trip.
And finally, this is my other favorite image from our trip. This was our last night there and I got my all-American boys on the beach one last time!
I loved photographing on the beach. It was just such a fun and nice change from the landscape I typically get to work with. I wish I always had access to a beach to take photos because it creates the most beautiful tones in your images. I'm sure I'll come across more images that I love as I sort through and edit, but just going through them quickly, these ended up being my top three! I'm sure I'll be sharing more throughout the week!

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