Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Toy Story 4

We saw Toy Story 4 on Saturday. The Johnson family LOVES Toy Story. We have all the toys and watch all of the movies on repeat weekly. So when we found out they were making a 4th we were super pumped!! I wanted to go see it first thing Friday morning but Scott asked me to wait until Saturday so he could see it with us and I reluctantly obliged. Just kidding...I really did want us to all go see it together so we woke up on Saturday and went to the first showing our theater offered.
First of all I experienced one of the most embarrassing moments of my life when Bennett loudly and clearly told the girl at the concession stand "Mommy has candy in her purrrrse!!" She gave me a look to let me know she was not happy with that info but I pretended like he didn't say that and ordered our popcorns and drinks and got out of there and to our seats as quickly as possible!! People frequently ask me what I do with Wells when we go to the movies since we go to so many and we always bring him with us! He does great and watches the movie until he falls asleep. I'm taking advantage of it this summer because I know he won't be easy like that next summer!!
Spoiler Alert!! I am about to talk about the movie ending so if you haven't seen the movie yet you may want to stop here!! A few months ago I heard Tom Hanks say he was so emotional during the last scene he could hardly do the voice over for it. And considering I have NEVER cried harder at the end of a movie than I do in Toy Story 3, I was dreading the tears I knew were ahead of me. I still cry at the end of Toy Story 3 every time and I watch that movie at least once a week. Anywho, I was prepared for a sob fest but I did not cry as hard at the end of TS4 as I did TS3. When the ending was happening I literally said out loud "what? No!" and was not on board. But I continued to reflect on the ending for a little bit after (I know, I'm ridiculous but I told you I love these movies) and I decided I actually like how it ended....which I know is not a popular opinion. Woody has always had such a deep connection to Andy and his life has just not been the same since Andy grew up. And while I love that Andy gave all of his toys to Bonnie so all of the toys could stay together (and taught her their roles at the end of TS3.....that's the part that gets me the most y'all), Bonnie didn't love Woody the way Andy did. He spent his time in a closet yet continued to take care of Bonnie as loyally as he did Andy. Woody loves Bo the most, next to Andy, so it makes since that he would want to be with her after being reunited again.
So there are my thoughts on a cartoon movie. LOL. Obviously very invested in this series but it's seriously the best and I am one of the few who liked the ending even though it broke my heart a little!

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